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When we opened our own Frozen Yogurt store several years ago, we faced a major challenge in finding the right product. No manufacturer available on the German market could offer a product that satisfied our requirements. Everything we could find seemed to have too much sugar, milk powder, artificial flavors, emulsifiers, and ultimately, all these products did not deserve the name „Frozen Yogurt“. That’s why we started to feel like we had to develop something on our own to meet our needs.

For us, Frozen Yogurt is not just any ice cream, but frozen yogurt! It should contain the highest proportion of yogurt possible, keep probiotic cultures and be gluten-free. Neither too sweet, nor too acid like these pure yogurts. It should provide a source of calcium and proteins and should not melt away within the first minutes in the cup. And the most important thing: a frozen yogurt must taste like yoghurt!

The success of having established a sustainable product resulted in BIONATI. With our many years of experience, we now devote ourselves exclusively to the product development and production of „Frozen Yogurt“. In order to ensure the highest quality standards, we pay close attention to the origin of our organic raw ingredients and have commissioned external testing labs to regularly control the compliance of all existing organic guidelines.

A highest processing standard of our products according to international food standards goes without saying in our company.

„It’s the taste that matters!

Karl-Heinz Verhey, Founder

We are from the Lower Rhine, the green West of the German republic. Surrounded by lush green

meadows and numerous old estates near the border to the Netherlands.





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