It’s the taste that matters!

Frozen Yogurt


During the development of our Frozen Yogurt, we found out the following; Only by using a lot of fresh yogurt, Frozen Yogurt tastes natural and fresh. Therefore, we do not use additives such as flavoring, flavor enhancers or artificial milk and yogurt powders. This is a difference you can clearly taste. Because our yoghurt taste is not imitated by adding spray-dried yoghurt powder or aromas. What matters is the pure, fresh and light yoghurt taste that makes our Frozen Yogurt so unique.


About us


When we opened our own Frozen Yogurt store several years ago, we faced a major challenge in finding the right product. No manufacturer available on the German market could offer a product that satisfied our requirements. Everything we could find seemed to have too much sugar, milk powder, artificial flavors, emulsifiers, and ultimately, all these products did not deserve the name „Frozen Yogurt“. That’s why we started to feel like we had to develop something on our own to meet our needs. For us, Frozen Yogurt is not just any ice cream, but „frozen“ yogurt!