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Our vegan Frozen Yogurt base provides a classic recipe for the use with vegan milk products.

For a top-class taste experience we recommend the use of vegan rice coconut and soy coconut alternatives of the manufacturer Provamel. And in case you would not believe it – our vegan Frozen Yogurt also tastes great for non-vegans!

We recommend 3 kg of vegan soy coconut yoghurt, 2 l of vegan rice coconut milk and 0.5 l of vegan soy-cream (cuisine). This way, you get 6.5 kg of vegan Frozen Yogurt with just one Carton.

The product has been tested and certified as VEGAN by Veganerbund Deutschland and is also certified as organic due to the exclusive use of organic raw ingredients.

Convince yourself of the incredible taste of our vegan Frozen Yogurts!


Ingredients: raw cane sugar *, glucose *, citric acid, locust bean gum *, guar gum *

* from certified organic cultivation inside and outside the EU





Veganer Frozen Yogurt vegan
  • Vegan Yogurt content 47% 47%
  • Vegan Milk content 30% 30%
  • Content of dry components 15% 15%
  • Vegan Cream content 8% 8%

The Recipe per Bag

Veganes Frozen Yogurt Pulver

1 kg vegan Frozen Yogurt Powder

We have adapted our classic Frozen Yogurt formula for the use with alternative vegan products. And in a very productive way because one carton provides a total of 6.5 kg of vegan Frozen Yogurt!

vegane Sahne

0,5 l vegan Cream Substitute

The vegan cream substitute is required to balance fat content of the vegan milk and vegan yogurt alternatives. This way, the product remains creamy and does not form any crystals. Please use „Provamel Soja Cuisine“ or „Provamel Reis Cuisine“.

vegane Milch

2 l vegan Milk Substitute

Please use „Provamel Reis-Kokos-Drink“ as a vegan milk alternative since the coconut content in the product adds a nice flavor to the vegan Frozen Yogurt.

veganer Joghurt

3 kg vegan Yogurt Substitute

Please use „Provamel Soja-Kokos-Drink“ as a vegan yogurt alternative since the coconut content in the product adds a nice flavor to the vegan Frozen Yogurt.

Our pro tip:

Tofu only tastes good if it is processed correctly. Please use the listed products exactly as stated because this recipe has been developed for this very purpose.

Quantitiy calculator


For our Frozen, we recommend an average bag weight of approx. 120 – 180 g.


Total Beutel pro Monat

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